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Baby Chubs Plush

Baby Chubs Plush

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This is a special collaboration with designer Chubsy Chubs. Plush is from original character design by Chubsy Chubs. 

Chubs is a free spirited chubby bear. He is the teddy bear of all teddy bears. Chubs enjoys eating tankatsu ramen and traveling the world. He can be seen wearing many different outfits. He loves to go shopping and finding bargains. He likes to keep snacks in his bag while he walks outdoor. His favorite snacks are popcorn and gummy bears. Chubs also likes to go for picnics in the morning, so he can enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot for his fur. You won't be able to resist his cuteness and cuddly touch.

Chubs measures 6 inches tall. He comes with a removable bear bag. He is detailed with sweet pink embroidery cheeks and a cute heart embroidered stamp with his name engraved inside it. He is super fluffy, cuddly, and soft!

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